CPS3 Battery Charger: 12V/25A/3 banks Maximize

CPS3 Battery Charger: 12V/25A/3 banks

CPS3 Battery Chargers, 12V/25A/3 banks

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Optimal made-to-measure charging for a longer battery life featuring 85-265VAC Input and 3-banks charging.

Front panel indicators:
Easy to read 3 panel indicators are clearly visible on the front of the charger enabling easy monitoring of charger operation. Remote indicators are also available as an option.

Optional connection for external battery temperature sensor enables optimization of battery charging and/or a digital display unit to check battery state.

Optimal ergonomics:
Easy to install. CPS3 battery chargers can be fixed vertically or horizontally. The charger can be accessed externally by removing the front yellow housing. AC and DC connections as well as charger settings are grouped together on the PCB in a connection area that ensures a safe, quick and easy installation. The DC connection on threaded rods is particularly robust and practical due to the available space.

Multiple outputs:
Charge 3 batteries simultaneously
CPS3 battery chargers have 3 independent outputs (except models > 80A) which can individually deliver nominal output current. One of these outputs is designed for matching specific engine battery requirements for marine application.The built-in battery isolator on each battery bank means the batteries stay permanently connected to the charger and there is no need to disconnect them during engine startup. The CRISTEC CPS3 battery chargers are the only ones available on the market with an extra terminal to connect an additional external battery isolator for connecting up to 6 independent battery banks (3 from the charger and 3 from the battery isolator). CRISTEC recommends using a voltage drop free isolator. Please refer to the CRISTEC RCE battery isolator range.

Choose your charging curve:
Safety and freedom On CPS3 chargers the BOOST phase is particularly safe as it is not only timed but also current controlled. In the event of a cut in the charger power-supply the charging cycle does not reset.
The 3-step charge mode being faster (BOOST, ABSORPTION and FLOATING) it is particularly useful when you run out of time to charge the batteries (charger powered from a generator, short stay in the marina, etc.).
It is possible to interrupt the Boost phase with an internal switch for specific applications where this function is not required: wintering, self-maintaining battery charge or when the charger is used as direct current regulated and filtered power supply.

Choose your battery type:
Made-to-measure battery charging
As your choice regarding battery technology is extensive, you have to make sure charging characteristics comply with your specific battery type. CPS3 battery chargers have internal selectors for setting the charge level in compliance with the battery technology and application : there are 11 settings such as Lead-sealed, Calcium-Lead, AGM, Gel, etc.

Universal AC powering:
Worldwide use The AC input voltage and frequency auto-ranging – from 85 to 265 VAC and from 47 to 65 Hz – guarantees batteries can be charged anywhere (in Europe and in the USA), from commercial Mains or generators, even when available power is limited (end of pontoon, foreign network, etc.). Except model 24V/150A 400VAC 3 phases.

Alternative Product Codes:
Cristec: CPS3/12-100, Cristec: CPS3/12-16, Cristec: CPS3/12-25, Cristec: CPS3/12-40, Cristec: CPS3/12-60, Cristec: CPS3/12-80, Cristec: CPS3/24-12, Cristec: CPS3/24-120, Cristec: CPS3/24-150-TRI, Cristec: CPS3/24-20, Cristec: CPS3/24-30, Cristec: CPS3/24-60, Cristec: CPS3/24-75, Cristec: CPS3/48-15, Cristec: CPS3/48-30, Cristec: CPS3/48-60

  • Current: 25A
  • DC Output: 12V
  • AC Input: 85-265VAC
  • Bank Ah: 200-300Ah
  • Number of Banks: 3 Banks